Through our photos, narratives and videos you can

Listen to photography
See photography
Read photography
Experience photography!


This blog is dedicated to further the art of photo narration. It is a great place for blind and sighted photographers and creative writers to reflect on photographs, and to gain a better understanding of the process of seeing and perceiving in general, as an art form – as the art form of photo narration.
But wait, a service for who? Blind people? One of our contributers writes: “People always ask, why do blind people want to take photos. I always get this question and it drives me crazy, so why don’t we give them an answer. Because they want to, because they can! Why do you take photographs?
The world is full of images, we are surrounded by them. Obviously they are important. But blind people cannot see them in the same way sighted people do. They see with sound, touch and imagination. That’s why
photo narration is so important for them. The photo narration helps to capture the image they ultimately see in their mind.
One of our sighted photographers writes: “For me as a sighted person, interested in pictures and the perception of pictures, it was a remarkable experience to describe pictures for blind people. It’s a completely different thing, when I look at a photograph in order to describe it for someone, who cannot see it. I have to think in a completely different way than I normally would. What’s important in the photograph? What’s worth mentioning? I look closer and closer, closer than I would look at it in nearly any other context. And the more I look at it the more I have to come to understand how little I really know about the photograph.”
To write photo narrations for blind people is to expand one’s perception and imagined boundaries.

We invite everyone, both blind and sighted, who are interested in photography, writing and thinking outside the box, to collaborate with us to develop these ideas. You can meet interesting people and new friends from allover the world along the way.

Above all we invite blind people to send us any pictures you would like to have described.

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