Send your picture description

If you like to write photo descriptions you can help us out by becoming a contributing narrator. You can easily get started.
Choose a photo you are interested in narrating then submit your narrative to us using the email address given below. Through questions and answers between the narrator and submitter, the dialogue that develops ensures that the photo submitter has all of their questions
about the photo answered.
If you don’t know how to do a photo narration, HERE IS A GOOD EXAMPLE.
The question most people ask is, How do I write a photo narration. There is no one answer to this question. There are as many ways to describe an image as there are styles of narration. Some people want a brief description, others more details and everything in between. Everyone has their own writing style, There is no need to conform to a certain style of writing. Use your creativity and don’t hesitate to show your personality. Feel free to add any personal comments you feel would help to describe the photo better.
You can easily get started and send us a description to this address:
We look forward to reading your texts.

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